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The Best Powerful Backup4all Alternative in Windows 7/8/10

Thank you so much for this free backup software. Its team solved ttough problem for me. I think it is a unique and personal software belonging to me.

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Activation form enhancements – Update: Minor user interface language updates – – Fix: Design corrections for high DPI scaling – Fix: Minor bug report fixes Backup4all 7. Danish language is now updated – Update: Japanese translation updated – Update: Italian language partially updated – Update: Swedish language partially updated – Update: Added option to send anonymous usage statistics – Update: Exoscale endpoint upgrade – Fix: Added new translatable strings – Fix: Backup at system shutdown didn’t run after Win 10 update – Fix: Restoring permissions from a Samba share had inconsistencies – Fix: Cannot authenticate to HiDrive error in certain cases – Fix: Smart backups to FTP ignored the maximum limit – Fix: Load catalog from FTP with wrong pass Backup4all 7.

Added Google Team Drives as a new cloud backup destination – New: Added new file date filter options – New: Interface available in French – New: Added Simplified Chinese translation – New: Added Indonesian translation – New: Interface available in Turkish now – New: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation – Fix: Backup on Box required re-authentication in some cases – Fix: Backups to Hubic will show only final files – Fix: Job details are loaded better now – Fix: HiDrive authentication window didn’t close in certain situations – Fix: Connection errors when backing up to Hidrive – Fix: Do not ask for restart if user pressed Cancel during setup Backup4all 7.

Check if another installer is already running during setup – Fix: Send logs when installation fails is now a checkbox – Fix: File versions incorrectly handled in some situations – Fix: Schedulers are moved to another job when duplicating a backup job – Fix: Importing tags from previous version added an extra tag – Fix: Import backup jobs with plugins failed in some situations – Fix: Interface had translation errors in certain languages Backup4all 7.

Quick Test option for Scheduler – Update: Improved loading of ribbon background image – Fix: Scheduled jobs were not imported correctly in some situations – Fix: Make sure backup catalogs are not in use during import – Fix: Edit scheduled task will display other tasks as modified – Fix: Destination folders were created in the root folder for Dropbox backups – Fix: Importing backup jobs with custom plugins in version 7 – Fix: Load backup catalog when “Use local catalog” is unchecked – Fix: Restore default layout – Fix: Scheduled tasks without a password import problem from previous versions – Fix: Empty folders were not backed up in certain situations for Mirror backups – Fix: Small design alignments for user interface Backup4all 7.

Added Hubic as a new cloud destinations – New: Added Hidrive as a new cloud destination – New: Added 37 Amazon S3 Compatible cloud destinations i.

Added option to use block backup “Only for files larger than” a certain size – New: Added Scheduled Suspend option to pause backup between specific times – New: Added new exclude filters for “Office temporary files”, “Linux mapped drives”, “Windows system files” – New: Added quick email notification settings in the New Backup Wizard – New: Added search option for the Plugin Management section – Update: Restyled the ribbon interface – Update: New structure for the New Backup Wizard – Update: Restructured the list of Options – Update: Modified application folders paths – Update: Option to customize the Quick Access Toolbar – Update: Added selectable Region for Amazons S3 backups – Update: Backups to Google Drive now show realtime progress – Update: Optimized restore for large backups using independent splits – Update: Plugin Creator was redesigned to make it easier to create plugins – Update: All cloud destinations are now using the latest APIs – Update: Activation form redesign.

Backup4all Standard 8

Backup4all is a professional backup tool, made to save your work whenever you want and restore it at any time. It has four methods to do it: There is a smart backup function that decides automatically when you should use one of the four predefined backup methods. This application has some powerful functions like the option to backup even locked files in Windows and it can make true incremental backups, in other words it will backup only those small blocks of data that changed in a file since last backup. You can view at any time detailed statistics about your backups and schedule the next backup process.

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Download Backup4all. Create full and incremental backups, encrypt and compress data, schedule tasks and save your files to the local or network drive, FTP. Filter 10 reviews by the users’ company size, role or industry to find out how Backup4all works for a business like yours. This is a comparison between FBackup (free backup software) and Backup4all Professional (commercial). You can download a free trial for Backup4all to test.

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