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Bookmarks conversion: ADR to HTML

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Not only it’s poor it’s so stupid I cannot find words. Opera is very stubborn about this and they won’t tell the users when they gonna implement a proper bookmark manager with true import and export functions. The new “fresh” Chromium based Opera 15 was released in the beginning of July After 7 months they have still not implemented a proper bookmark manager to be able to import or export bookmarks as HTML file and there is no extension that can do this either.
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Export bookmarks and favorites?


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Keep track of new topics about the same issue and store links to reference the users in these new topics. Then other users come in and reply different procedures that have never been cited in other earlier discussions which make this topic different and equally useful compared to others so I can’t close it. Differentiate these topics. Each user have different needs and preferred procedures to achieve the bookmark import.

VIDEO: How do I re-import Opera 12 bookmarks into Opera 20? | Opera forums

I know how to import Firefox bookmarks into Opera on my HD. But whereto do you export/import Firefox bookmarks if you want to use them in Opera Mini? The Honor 20 Series is here! Which one is right for you? >. (Opera 20 does not have an “import and export” option anymore – or a only practical way to import a lot of bookmarks from Firefox — import. hello, after the update to Opera 20 on Windows 7 i cant import my Bookmarks from opera 15 windows. Is opera no longer supporting any.

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