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Phoenix FD 3.0 for Maya

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A faster ray tracing means a faster representation. The core of the ray tracing is accelerated, so that calculations such as reflections, refractions and global illumination are faster. In addition, we accelerated light sampling, opacity maps, hair, and the representation of volumetric effects.
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A faster ray tracing means a faster representation. The core of the ray tracing is accelerated, so that calculations such as reflections, refractions and global illumination are faster. In addition, we accelerated light sampling, opacity maps, hair, and the representation of volumetric effects. To render even faster, V-Ray includes Embree , the core of ray tracing from Intel. Dynamic split automatically reduces the size of the render bucket to maximize the use of all CPU cores.

Photorealistic images and animation 3 Methods of creating carpets in Vray In 3D applications, we have certain limitations and there are some things that are difficult to simulate in 3D, such as carpets, towels, etc. Part Forest Pack Modeling of the elements to distribute with Editable Poly Distribution of elements with Forest Pack Creation of materials Several examples of carpets with Forest pack There are many tutorials and video tutorials dedicated to teaching how to use deep programs such as Sketchup and rendering engines such as Vray for Sketchup, 3d Max or similar, but the truth is that for a Commercial Interior Designer it is not necessary to know absolutely all the parameters of these programs.

Get infographics with realistic finish and not take much time is not so difficult, you just have to be clear that you are not infographic and do not intend to make super renders, only images that help your customers to see something as similar as possible to what It will be your business finished.

The core rendering engine has been optimized for extra speed and added flexibility In Vray for Sketchup you can import and export the parameters adjusted for the rendering in a file. What is Vray for Sketchup? At this point I suppose you already know how to handle modeling programs like 3D Studio Max or Sketchup.

VRay is a rendering engine for the processing of scenes with a high level of reality. It offers the necessary resources to apply the necessary materials and lighting to your 3D to obtain realistic images of your designs. In the post 7 computer programs that you need to control, I already told you that for me, Vray for Sketchup , is an essential program and, besides, very quick to manage if you know how. If after reading this post you still have doubts or problems to get this level of render, for the subject of materials or lights, I leave the tutorial of ASGVis, with which I learned.

I have to tell you that I did not learn overnight, that getting to the level I wanted took time and a lot of practice and that, with this post I want to help you not have to invest as much time as I did but still, you have have patience and practice a bit to get the results you want. At the end of this post I leave you the link so you can download the. Apply several materials to the same object and select the one you want at render time We open the Vray options editor and directly we go to the Output tab.

In this tab you can configure the size of the image that we will obtain in pixels. We can choose a specific size because, for example, in the web where we are going to hang them we need x px images or we can render the size we are working with Sketchup , that is, the proportion that you see on your screen.

For this last, we have to have deselected the size of the view Override Viewport. Accurately measure the light levels in your scene using new lighting analysis tools The only drawback of this is that, in general, very large images will appear and therefore very slow to render. What can you do? Then you start the rendering with the Override Viewport without clicking and when the rendering window comes out, you look at the size of the future render top to center.

Then you override the rendering process and return to the Output tab. My computer takes about 8 minutes to make this infographic at this size. Or just render a part of the image with Region render in the rendering screen.

The next tab that we are going to touch is that of indirect lighting Indirect ilumination. As a primary machine, choose Irradiance map and as secondary, Light cache. Irradiance map: Here is a very important option related to image quality: The maximum and minimum values by default are -3 and 0.

Min Rate: The minimum sample control for each pixel. The value 0 means that 1 pixel is 1 sample. A smaller value results in a smaller number of samples of an object, so the rendering qualities of shading, reflection and refraction are not very good.

A higher value, on the contrary, will result in a higher quality but the rendering time will also be greater. Max Rate: To control the maximum sample of each pixel. As before, the value 0 means that 1 pixel is 1 shows samples, etc. A lower value means that fewer samples are used to calculate the light. A higher value results in higher quality but also a longer rendering time.

Faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based environment lighting I have established the values of -3 and -2, but I am changing them when I test materials. That is, if I want a quick rendering to see how a material is, I put a low level of value for the maximum and minimum values, for example: Once all the fixes are correct, I return the values -3 and -2 to get the best final image quality.

Light cache: It is used so that the secondary machine calculates the distribution of light in the scenes, it does not have too many adjustments in which to entertain in fact I have it configured as it comes by default and it renders quite fast. With this and the.

What is Vray for Sketchup?


VIDEO: Chaos Group ships Phoenix FD for 3ds Max and Maya | CG Channel

Phoenix FD is an all-in one solution for fluid dynamics. Simulate fire, smoke . or later (bit). See full system requirements for Phoenix FD 3 for 3ds Max. Phoenix FD 3 for 3ds Max is now available. Phoenix FD for 3ds Max has been given a full makeover, with new intuitive controls, presets and GPU-accelerated. V-Ray 4 for 3ds Max + Phoenix FD 3 for Max Upgrade V-Ray to V-Ray NEXT with 5 Render Nodes Upgrade from VRay 3 to VRay NEXT for 3ds Max.

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