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Windows 8 (core) X86 (32-Bit) and X64 (64-Bit) Free Download ISO Disc Image Files

Secondary Menu Windows 8. This is official untouched iso for windows 8. Windows 8. Now you can easily download Windows 8.
windows 8.1 pro download 64 bit iso

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I’m not sure what he’s going on about but 8. Other than the setup file through the windows site or the download links on msdn which you need to be subscribed to to use, there are no other official download mirrors. Someone Somewhere: Run this on a computer already running windows, and it should give you an ISO. You really haven’t read the first message properly at all have you? I, as well as millions around the world, have this problem too. If you didn’t have this problem, then either you were lucky, or you didn’t try or need to download but you just read about it.

In my case, I did actually manage to download the Windows 8 Pro iso once. But then I wanted the 8. To do this you have to follow the now-very-well-published-procedure involving the trick of cancelling Windows-8 download and switching to Windows 8. Well, my problem started when I tried to re-download Windows-8 so as to begin the process. Once you enter your product key, you get “.. Then, just at the point where downloading should begin, it immediately rejects with the “cannot connect to the internet right now” message.

As everyone knows by now, this is not a genuine internet connection problem at all. Nobody anywhere on the planet seems to have published an explanation or a solution to this. Microsoft just brush it under the carpet and shrug their shoulders. Some have apparently claimed success after finding out that their date was set wrong on their computer, that is total nonsense!!

How would that work? And why would the date be wrong anyway, for goodness’ sake?? So, to repeat the originator’s request, if anyone out there has found out why downloads are being rejected and if there is a solution, let us in on it. Please don’t just write “go to this address: Thanks in advance.

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File Size: This version does not have a edition name, it was just ‘Windows 8’ or you can call it ‘core’ version. In terms of features, the core version has fewer features than Pro and Enterprise, but almost all the general and new features are available, such as the new UI, Windows Store app, picture password etc. General information for all editions Windows 8 the successor to Windows 7 was released to the public on October 26, , with a new redesigned user interface that makes it easy to use Windows on tablets and touchscreen devices. The new interface for the operating system was based on Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ design language, which was later continued unchanged in Windows 8. In Windows 8, the Start button was removed from the taskbar, and a new charms bar was added to the right side of the screen. A new start screen was added by changing the Start menu, which includes a list of app tiles with live update option.

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activator for windows free download all in one windows iso best windows iso RAM: 1 gigabyte(GB) for (bit) or 2GB for (bit). Free direct link by Softlay. Download ISO file without Media Creation Tool or Windows 8 Product key. Untouched full version ISO bit. Here’s how you can download Windows and Pro ISO files during setup you’d end up with the bit version of Windows , too.

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